Old Testament 
   1.  Who held a flaming sword outside the garden of Eden?

   History & Geography 
   2. Which one of these was never a king?
          Herod     Joshua     Solomon      David

   Prophets & Miracles
   3.  Which of these diseases is not mentioned by name in the Bible?
          cancer     palsy      dropsy      leprosy

   4.  Who is the most famous in the Bible for patience?

   Letters, Numbers & Sequence 
   5. On which of the six days of Creation did God make the sun?   

   New Testament 
   6. When Jesus was baptized, what landed on Jesus' shoulder?

   7. We should love God with all our strength, mind, heart and what else?


  1. Angel(s) (Cherubim (Gen 3:24)    2. Joshua    
3. Cancer     4. Job       5.  4th (Gen. 1:16-19)    
   6. A dove (or the Holy Spirit) (Matt. 3:16)           7. Soul (Luke 10:27)

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